Spy Emerson, Top Producer

Spy Emerson found her passion for unreal estate in the midst of the dotcom boom. She explored many options, developing a nose for best of breed affordable artist housing solutions. She soon found success, becoming DHR's "Top Producer," a title and an honor that she has held since her first year in business.

Spy helps her clients reach their goals. As she likes to say, "Make the pie higher and live your dream." Whether you're a welder, painter, musician, or an "outsider" artist working in the medium of bovine earwax, she brings her unique aesthetic and extraordinary problem solving communication skills to each negotiated transaction.

Spy's lived in the Bay Area for many years. She is expert in the diverse neighborhoods, communities, storm surge floodplains, and housing locations that the Bay Area has to offer! From shipping containers to corrugated domiciles to Mission style Tubo de Desagüe micro mansions, she's your gal.