The Best Vibrators I’ve Ever Used

The Best Vibrators I’ve Ever Used

Those of you who follow my blog or twitter know that I’m somewhat of a vibrator connoisseur. I eat vibrators for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I’ve used hundreds of different models from dozens of different brands. I’m always honest about what I like and what I don’t like.

These are my two favorite vibrators. Firstly, the Hitachi Magic Wand. An earlier model was my first love and helped me achieve my first real clit orgasm. Second is a famous rabbit vibrator. Rabbits are my goto sex toy nowadays.

Hitachi Magic Wand | Cordless Edition (see above picture)

The Magic Wand first made its debut back in 1968! Before myself and many of our readers were even born. They advertised the Magic Wand as a “Body massager and muscle relaxant aimed at women. Shortly after its release, women found other uses for the Magic Wand. By ’90s with the help of Sex and The City, the Magic Wand was a force to be reckoned with. Women everywhere were masturbating and orgasming like they never have before. Men were scared that this little sex toy was going to destroy their relationships. No dick, finger, or tongue can compete with a strong motor and penetrating vibrations.

Today’s Magic Wand is sold as a vibrator and has gone through many different iterations from when it was first released. The core principles and design remain the same however. A good motor for “powerful, penetrating vibrations”.

Pink Ribbon Rabbit Vibrator

The Rabbit vibrator, also known as the Jessica Rabbit, is a much newer invention than the Magic Wand. The first models came about in the ’90s. While women were apprehensive about the product at first, it quickly became one of the most popular sex toys for women.

Not only do rabbit vibrators stimulate the clitoris, they also stimulate the g-spot. Furthermore, they can also be used as a dildo to simulate the feeling of penetration.

These amazing sex toys were a game changer for women. No one product has ever produced so many billions of female orgasms in the history of mankind. If I had to recommend just one product for a woman to use her whole life. It would be a good quality rabbit vibrator. You can find high quality vibrators and vibrator reviews at

How Do I Judge Vibrators

Before I ever use or even order a vibrator there is a quick checklist I always run. I made the mistake of not doing my due diligence on my first vibrator and spent almost $100 on a piece of junk that died well before I ever reached orgasm.

  1. Vibrator Material

    Always use silicone or ABS plastic for your vibrators. These are the only two materials that I would ever trust inside of my body or on top of my vagina. They are more expensive and “premium” but other materials such as TPE or rubber could be dangerous and toxic to your body. Silicone and ABS plastic is very easy to clean and non-toxic. They also don’t hold nasty smells easily.

  2. Brand

    I think the brand is so important when making a sex toy purchase. Many brands have dubious claims and bogus marketing tactics. You want a brand that stands by their products, is large enough to be held accountable for any mishaps and is ethical. My favorite brands are Tantus, Magic Wand, and The Rabbit Company

  3. Clit, G-spot, or Both?

    Are you a clit girl, or perhaps you prefer your G-spot to be the focus of the party? Personally I enjoy a simultaneously feeling of penetration, g-spot vibrations, and clitoral stimulation. For me this is the ultimate orgasm, it feels so good that it almost hurts. What do you like? Where do you want your focus to be?