The First Kiss

The First Kiss

A good kiss needs to be well timed if you want the gesture to be mutual. This can be pretty tricky business, especially for men. If you don’t do it right, it may cause a painful, awkward moment. It takes away all the romance, and recovering will be very hard. If you do it too quickly, your date may think that a kiss is all you’re after. Do it too late and your date may think that you just like him or her as a friend.

Instead of diving into a kiss, give your date a kiss on the cheek first. This is usually accepted if the date went well and it’s also a signal for both of you that you are interested and that you would like to do it again sometime (unless it’s an obvious “just being nice” kiss). Guys, make sure that she knows you’re into her and that you’re not just trying to score. Girls, if you don’t want to kiss a guy then don’t hesitate to pull back. A good kiss is mutual, never one-sided.

If you pull back (for any reason), but you do like your date, then say that you want to save it for later. The next time you’re together, your date won’t try to kiss you as quickly so you may need to signal when you think it’s the time. The type of kiss will be different every time. It may be a short kiss, a long make-out, a very gentle kiss, a very passionate kiss etc.

When you do kiss, start gently. Immediately pushing your tongue down her throat is hardly pleasing. I recommend giving a short and gentle kiss first. After that, you come in again and start gently, tenderly kissing him/her. Get to know how your date kisses. Everyone kisses differently, so it’s important that you know how your date likes to kiss. You may choose to follow his or her lead, or if you don’t like it you can slowly take the lead showing how you want to do it.

Don’t be selfish, make sure that your date likes what you’re doing (if he/she doesn’t, you’ll know). You want to give a positive feeling about the first kiss, because it’s the single most important kiss you will ever give to that person. You should both remember the moment.

Of course as always, personal hygiene is important. Don’t have bad breath, don’t smell funky and be a clean person in general.

Remember to time it correctly and to start of gently until you know how your date kisses. A good kiss must be something that you both enjoy, so think about what you’re doing. Do it wrong, and you will regret. Have fun kissing!

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